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The Neuropsychology of Stress and Trauma: How to Develop a Trauma Informed School

By Steven G. Feifer, D.Ed., ABSNP

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This book delves into the neural underpinnings of stress, trauma, and emotional dysfunction in children and its relative impact upon learning. Environmental deprivation, poverty, childhood abuse, witnessing violence, and parental neglect can impact both cognitive and social-emotional development in children. Schools can enhance emotional wellness through early prevention efforts, appropriate assessment and screening techniques, and an improved school climate to foster emotional growth for all children. Some of the key topic areas include:

  • The prevalence of trauma and stress for school-aged children, as well as the various sources from which trauma can occur.
  • Specific brain regions impacted when students experience trauma, and the subsequent effect on academic and social skills development.
  • Five essential steps toward the development of a “trauma informed” school.
  • How to develop and cultivate resiliency in children.
  • Targeted assessment strategies and specific classroom accommodations for students exposed to stress and trauma.

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Product Details

Paperback: 242 pages
Publication Date: Sept 2019
ISBN 978-0-578-22381-0
Dimensions: 8 X 10 inches

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