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Integrating RTI With Cognitive Neuropsychology: A Scientific Approach to Reading

By Steven G. Feifer D.Ed. and Douglas A. Della Toffalo, Ph.D

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Response to Intervention (RTI) is a phrase which has captivated a national movement, redefined educational policy, and most importantly, has called for public schools to make a renewed commitment toward using scientifically- based instructional techniques as the foundation for sound educational practice. Cognitive neuropsychology has also emerged as a leading discipline in forging the inevitable alliance between science and education. This book represents the natural symbiosis between RTI and the brain-behavioral tenents of cognitive neuropsychology to assist all educators in better diagnosing and remediating reading disorders in children. The primary chapters include:

  • Cognitive Neuropsycology and
    Five Dirty Words
  • Overview of RTI
  • The Phonological Processor
  • The Orthographic Processor
  • Subtypes of Dyslexia
  • The Comprehension Connection
  • Integrating RTI with Cognitive
  • Two Models, Two Cases
  • 20 Evidence Based Interventions

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Paperback: 240 pages
Publication Date: 2006
ISBN: 0-9703337-3-0
Dimensions: 8 x 10 x .5 inches

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